Under the Loupe/Truing a Bezel

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Truing a Bezel

Occasionally a rotating watch bezel may be found to be excessively difficult to turn and not fastened as securely to the case as it should be. When no physical defect to any of the components that constitute the bezel can be seen, it is typically the truing of the bezel that is at fault, as a slight distortion of the bezel may have occurred when it was removed from the case.

Steps to True a Distorted Bezel

  1. Lay the bezel face up on a flat surface, such as the top of a watchmaker's bench or a plane of glass
  2. Press down on one side of the bezel and to tap on the side directly opposite
  3. Working your way around the bezel until the loudest audible clicking noise (of the bezel hitting the flat surface) is found
  4. Lay the bezel perpendicular to this point over the edge of the watchmaker's bench, with half of the bezel protruding over the edge
  5. Push down on the edge that was yielding the clicking noise
  6. Repeat until the clicking is more or less eliminated