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How to Synchronize Tissot's T Touch

The video below shows how to re-synchronize the analog and digital display of ETA calibres E40 301 through E40 305, using Tissot's second generation T Touch watch as an example. This procedure also applies to Hamilton's Multi-Touch SWAT watches. These steps do not apply to the T Touch Expert, Sea Touch, Sailing Touch, Racing Touch, or T Touch II.


How to Diagnose if Your T Touch is no longer Synchronized

If the time as indicated by the hands of your watch no longer match the digital time as indicated by the LCD your watch is no longer synchronized.

A second tell-tale sign is if the hands no longer line up correctly with the according functions when you select them. The one exception to this is the Meteo function, which indicates trends in the weather by orienting the hands anywhere between 6 minutes to 12:00 to 6 minutes after 12:00. If the hands are approaching 12:00 when this function is selected, it indicates a downward trend in weather patterns. On the other hand, if the hands are past 12:00, it indicates an upward trend in the current weather pattern. If the hands point directly at 12:00 when this function is selected, it indicates that the weather is holding steady. Following a battery replacement, it may take up to 8 hours for the sensor in the watch to gather enough data to provide weather trending information.

A third common indicator that your watch is no longer synchronized, is if the alignment of the compass is off.

All of the above will occur if the watch is not synchronized. Which signs the owner of the timepiece may notice first will differ depending on the functions that they use most often.

What Causes my T Touch to De-Synchronize?

The most common cause of de-synchronization is exposure to a magnetic field. Speakers and vibrators, common in everyday electronics such as cellphones, alarm clocks, and stereo systems, create a strong enough magnetic field to disrupt the synchronization of a T Touch if the devices are brought too close together. X-ray machines, retail theft detection systems, and motors can also cause de-synchronization.

If the watch is subjected to a strong physical shock and the battery is disrupted in its seating, so that electrical flow to the movement is disrupted, the watch will also become de-synchronized.

A low battery may also cause de-synchronization.

Steps to Synchronize the Hands

  1. Press the center pusher (T). The watch should beep once.
  2. Touch the center of the touch-sensitive face until 24H Cm (or 12H Fft or 24H Fft or 12H Cm) is shown in the digital LCD display.
  3. Press and hold the center pusher (T) for approximately 5 seconds. The watch will beep once and then again, a second time, after 5 seconds have passed. After the second beep, the digital LCD display should read SYNCHRO. If not, return to step one.
  4. Press the upper pusher (+) to advance the minute hand until it is positioned exactly at 12:00.
  5. Press the lower pusher (-) to advance the hour hand until it is also positioned exactly at 12:00.
  6. When both hands are aligned together and pointing directly at 12:00, press the center pusher (T) to save the setting. The hands of the watch are now synchronized.

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