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Oiling the Anti-Shock System

Lubricating the anti-shock system that protects the balance staff of the watch can be one of the most challenging and skill-testing operations next to oiling the escapement. Using an ETA calibre 6497, the video above demonstrates, firsthand, an effective method of consistently and correctly lubricating this area of a modern mechanical wristwatch.

Step by Step

1. Unlock the spring that is holding the cap jewel of the anti-shock system in place.

2. Remove the cap jewel. When removing the cap jewel from the anti-shock setting in which it rests, it is necessary to pay careful attention not to lose the jewel or the spring, as they have a tendency to "jump" from the setting if not handled with care.

3. Remove the free setting.

4. If the balance cock and mainplate are going to be set aside or placed in the cleaning machine, it is of vital importance to lock the spring back down in place so that it is not broken or lost.

5. Clean all components of the anti-shock system. Either in a cleaning machine or by soaking them in a solvent and allowing them to dry.

6. Holding the the cap jewel, lightly, against the surface of the work area with tweezers, apply a small drop of oil to the active face of the cap jewel. It is of great importance, to the proper running of a watch, that the cap jewels are lubricated correctly. The oil is applied to the flat surface of the cap jewel and should cover between one to two thirds of the surface area. The oil must lie in a circular drop in the center of the cap jewel.

Most manufactures recommend Moebius 9010 for lubrication of the anti-shock system.


7. If desired, apply the residual oil from the oil pick to the pivot hole inside the free setting. Doing so will take advantage of the physical property of capilarity to draw the cap jewel up into the free setting.

8. Holding the free setting with tweezers, place the setting precisely over the cap jewel and set them together. The hydro-static pressure exerted by the oil between these two components should hold them well together. If the cap jewel does not remain in its setting, try again. However, if the drop of oil is marred in any way, return to step 5.

9. Place the free setting and cap jewel ensemble back into the anti-shock setting and lock in place.

10. Repeat for the balance cock or mainplate as necessary.

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