Under the Loupe/General Tips for Casing Up a Watch

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General Tips for Casing Up

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Closing Snapback Cases

  • Whenever possible, support the watch case by its bezel when closing a snapback watch case
  • Without exception, ensure that Chopard's Happy Diamond line of watches are fully supported by the bezel when closing. The floating diamonds under the crystal will make quick work of shattering the glass if any pressure is applied on it.

Recognizing Fake Screwback Cases

  • If a caseback that appears to be of the screw down type, but the emblem or wording on the caseback is perfectly aligned with the orientation of the dial, check closely with the loupe around the outer edge to ensure that it is not a snapback. Many inexpensive or "knockoff" watches present the illusion of having high quality, screw down casebacks, when in fact they are snapbacks.

Clasps & Buckles

  • When tightening a bracelet clasp, crimp the parts to be modified with a polishing cloth between the pliers and the part, in order to prevent marking

Water Resistance