Under the Loupe/Chronograph Calibres

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This page is the launch point for a more in depth look at mechanical chronographs.


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Chronograph Modules & Calibres

The following list of calibres is generated automatically by including all of the calibre pages on Alliance Horlogère that have been categorized as chronographs. To add a page on Alliance Horlogère to this category, add a link to Category:Chronograph to the bottom of that page and that page will automatically be added to this list.

ETA 2094
ETA 7750
ETA A07231
GUB 39-31
Landeron 148
Landeron 48
Longines 667.2
Longines 696.2
Longines L652.2
Omega 1040
Omega 1041
Omega 1045
Omega 1143

Omega 1150
Omega 1151
Omega 1152
Omega 1155
Omega 1164
Omega 1270
Omega 1861
Omega 1863
Omega 1866
Omega 3303
Omega 3313
Omega 3603
Omega 861

Omega 863
Patek Philippe 13 Ligne Chrono
Valjoux 23
Valjoux 72
Valjoux 72c
Valjoux 7733
Valjoux 7734
Valjoux 7736
Valjoux 7740
Valjoux 7741
Valjoux 7750
Valjoux 88
Venus 188