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Automatic Winding Mechanisms

This page is the launch point for a more in depth look at automatically wound watches, originally referred to by horological greats like Perrelet and Breguet as montres perpetuel.


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Automatic Calibres

The following list of calibres is generated automatically by including all of the calibre pages on Alliance Horlogère that have been categorized as automatic calibres. To add a page on Alliance Horlogère to this category, add a link to Category:Automatic to the bottom of that page and that page will automatically be added to this list.

Blancpain 1151
ETA 2000-1
ETA 2094
ETA A07161
GUB 39
GUB 39-31
GUB 39-41
GUB 39-42
Jaeger-LeCoultre 920
Longines 693.2
Longines L 933.1
Omega 1002
Omega 1040

Omega 1041
Omega 1051
Omega 1108
Omega 1109
Omega 1110
Omega 1111
Omega 1112
Omega 1113
Omega 1120
Omega 1140
Omega 2500
Omega 2836
Omega 3313

Omega 3603
Omega 720
Omega 721
Omega 725
Patek Philippe 28-255
Rolex 2230
Rolex 2235
Rolex 3000
Rolex 3035
Rolex 3135
Seiko 7009
Vacheron Constantin 1120

Technical Documents

A. Schild 1361
A. Schild 1382
[ cont.
ETA 1256
Felsa 690